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Magnetic Moves 'My Toilet Chart', is specifically designed as an aid for children of all ages that are ready to start toilet training. 


Our 'My Toilet Chart' has been designed and developed to the same high standards and quality as our other products. It features the same easy to use and interactive features that have made our charts so popular for parents and children alike.


There are many small steps to successful toilet training and 'My Toilet Chart' allows you to personalise the experience to your child's particular needs with spaces for up to 5 goals.  You may choose to work towards all 5 goals or just a few at a time.  Once a goal is achieved a star is placed in the column under the goal.  If a child successfully completes 5 goals in one sitting, they will receive 5 stars, one for each goal.


Each chart includes:

  • A4 Magnetic base chart 297mm x 210mm (to be placed on a magnetic surface)
  • 10 (25mm x 25mm) magnetic colour coded activity tiles
  • Includes 20 star reward tiles and 5  balloon reward tiles
  • Extra reward stickers for encouragement
  • Detailed information and 'how to use' guide

My Toilet Chart

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