Magnetic Moves

Step By Step Guide

How to use our Magnetic Moves charts at home today!  

Setting Up Your Chart

Magnetic Moves charts are designed to be placed on a metallic surface. Place the A4 magnetic chart on any metallic surface, such as a fridge, dishwasher or a magnetic board. The high quality protective finish on our charts and tiles make them easy to wipe clean. Now that your chart is in place, carefully remove the activity and reward tiles from the pop out sheet supplied, Magnetic Moves recommends this be done by an adult. You can place the activity tiles around your chart, making them easy to see and swap around as required.

Select Your Activities

Now it’s time to start using your chart by selecting the activities for that day or week. Place your selected activity tiles on the chart. This can be done with your child at the start of the day or something that can be done the night before in preparation for the next day. However, doing this with your child, gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility. This will help keep them interested and involved in the process. My Busy School Week has a section for weekly activities as well as daily activities. The daily activities can easily switch between morning and evening by changing the sun tile to the moon tile and adding the appropriate activities.

Move Your Tiles

At the start of your day, look over the chart with your child so they can see what their day or morning entails. Once your child has completed an activity or task they simply move the tile to the task finished or done section. This enables them to see what they have done and what they still have to do while also giving them a sense of accomplishment. Since both the chart and the tiles are magnetic, the tiles will easily slide from place to place over the protective gloss finish of the chart.

Reward Your Child

All Magnetic Moves activity and routine charts include a section for rewards. Use the star tiles to reward good behaviour throughout the day.


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