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Find all relevant information about our fundraising opportunities

Magnetic Moves is happy to support your next fundraising venture. We offer $10 for each chart sold as a donation to your school/organisation. Please contact us for a fundraising pack.

Profitable – We offer $10 of each chart sold as a donation back to your school/organisation.
Beneficial for children – the charts offer children a practical tool for organising their day and gives them independence as they move through their daily activities.
Beneficial for parents – the charts help to implement calmness and order at times of the day that are busy.
Simple to run – Register with us, hand out flyers and at the end of the period we will send your organisation a cheque.

How does it work?

  1. Contact us via email or
    telephone 0425 732 533 / 0411 637 046 with the following details;
    • the name of your organisation
    • the period you would like to run the fundraiser
  2. We will the provide you with the following details:
    • provide you with a code for people to enter at checkout
    • email you a flyer to be printed
  3. People order through the website during the specified period.
    • At checkout enter the code provided.
  4. At the end of the period we will send a cheque to your school/organisation.
How is the donation to the organisation calculated?
  1. The donation is calculated based on the number of charts sold multiplied by $10.
Do we need to sell a minimum amount?

No, there are no sales targets to meet. Whatever the amount is at the end of the period will be sent to your school/organisation.

What if someone forgets to enter our group code when ordering?

We will do everything we can to make sure your school/organisation receives the correct amount of money. If an email is sent with the person’s name and the name of the organisation after the sale but before the end of the fundraising period we will ensure that the donation from that sale is added.

Does the fundraiser apply to all products on the website?

No, only the 3 Charts –  My Busy School Week; My Busy Day; and My Toilet Chart.


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