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The following resources have been compiled for parents, carers and teaching staff who may be seeking further information to help children and their families deal with everyday situations.

Sensory Diet Activities

Animal Walks

Animal Walks are a fun way for children to engage in Movement activities for self regulation. This information sheet provides usefully tips on building them into your day.

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My Engine Story

This short social story can be used as a tool to help children begin to understand the concept of getting our energy “just right”.

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Playing Cards

Playing cards is not only a great way to engage in a social game with children, it is also a wonderful way to encourage and develop a range of developmental skills including fine motor control and dexterity.

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Sensory Information

Sensory Motor Preferences

A useful guide for parents of children with sensory processing disorder that helps to identify strategies to use to help your children regulate their system throughout the day.

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Daily Living Skills

Tying Shoe Laces

Learning to tie shoe laces is a key step towards independence in dressing – particularly for the school aged child. This handy guide shows how to make learning fun.

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Using a visual Timer

Time can be a difficult concept for young children. Telling a child that they have 5 minutes left at a play date or that they have to focus for the next quarter of an hour can be an arbitrary concept for them.

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Sensory Diet Activities

Using Chewy Tools

For children who find chewing on clothing calming, chewy tools can provide a more appropriate avenue.

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